We want your stay to be a fun, safe experience.  Any violation of house rules will result in expulsion without refund.  We will operate rain or shine—no refunds.

Generally, our box-office opens 2 ½ hours before scheduled showtime on Friday, Saturday, and Holiday Eves during open season.  Cash Only at the Ticket Booth. PLAYGROUND CLOSES WHEN SHOW BEGINS.

A.  Retain your tickets.  Do not discard stubs.

B.  If you leave the theatre, you must pay to re-enter.

C. Pets allowed, must be leashed at ALL times, and you must pick up after them.

D. Trucks, Vans, SUV's and other High Vehicles are required to park in designated areas.

E. Hatchbacks that extend above the roof line of the vehicle may need to be lowered.

F. Glass bottles or containers of any kind are not permitted.  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ARE NOT ALLOWED.

G. Trash Cans are conveniently located. USE THEM. DO NOT LITTER.

H. No one is permitted to sit on the top of their vehicles.  Chairs & blankets must be placed in front of your vehicle, not on the sides.

I. One Parking Space per vehicle. NO RESERVING PARKING SPACES.

J. Grilling, cooking or open fires are not permitted.

K. Laserlights, flashlights and other illuminating devices are strictly prohibited.

L. Be considerate of those around you. Keep your radio's volume at a reasonable level. No loud or profane talking. Rude or obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated.

M. Keep your feet off the brake pedal.  Do not honk your horn.

N. Speed limit is 5mph. Pedestrians, especially children, are everywhere.

O. LIGHTS OUT. You must be in control of your vehicles lights at all times.

P.  Do not leave car engine running – carbon monoxide is poisonous.

Q.  No running.  Shoes must be worn.

R.  All children MUST be supervised.

S. Do not drop off children. Police will be notified if no parents are found.